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Vom Ragnar® kennel is owned and operated by Natalya Babenko. Our kennel is small and we only have a few litters a year. However, we strive to breed healthy dogs with best bloodlines in mind. We breed dogs with good temperament and character. We breed to the establishment SV German Standard. Our dogs are West German Showline German Shepherds. They are black and red, solid black, and red sables in color. Our dogs are raised and socialized in a home environment with children and other dogs.
German Shepherds have been my love since my childhood. I was the biggest dog lover in the family. Thru the years, I finally had the opportunity to dedicate full time to my favorite work and my big passion the German Shepherd dogs. I’m able to raise puppies in a home environment, breed, train, and compete in shows Worldwide.
We are proud of our breeding program and we strive to make the best match of our dogs to their forever families. We are happy to hear our clients criteria in their perfect dog and match the request as close as possible. We do not guarantee that we will be able to sell a puppy if we do not believe that it would be a good fit. This is a responsible way to make sure that our dogs never end up unwanted.

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  • It took me years of hard work to built that quality in German Shepherds that I have now, and I believe that my dogs are some of the best in Northern America.

What does


Ragnar means?

My dog, Ragnar was raised mad trained by me. With this dog, I started the journey into to the big “dog world”. He was a half show line from his father side, and half working line from his mother side. He had excellent drive, protection instincts and willingness to work. He had many achievements in obedience and protection training. He was my first and best pet companion. Ragnar was leading all the classes that he attended. I was always very proud of him. He was physically and mentally very strong. He was intelligent. His name and great memories of him will carry all my dogs that belong to the kennel. The name of “Ragnar” is a designation of the kennel, and a hint of luck.

This strong and powerful legendary name was given by me, to my first German Shepherd Dog. This name wasn’t giving without a reason, it was given to a strong minded pup, a pick of the litter male. The name that will carry present and future dogs in the kennel.

Ragnar is a historical old vikings name means the ‘The army of Gods”. Legendary Ragnar was a king of Denmark and the father of Viking leaders. Norsemen is referred to the group of people who spoke what is now called the old Norse language. The language was called north Germanic language spoken by the people of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements during the 9th to 13th centuries. Legendary Ragnar was the father of the Viking leaders.

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