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VP1 2019 Sieger Jehovah Vom Ragnar and SG1 2019 Contra Vom Ragnar Litter

Litter born: October 31. 2021.
Ready for new homes: December 19. 2021.
1 black male available

VA4 USCA Fantos Von Pallas Athene and Quana Corte Corona Litter

Litter Born: December 2. 2021.
Ready for new homes: January 28. 2022.
4 females available

SG2 Sieger Dusti-Hoss Team Falvavolgyi, IPO2 and Barselona Vom Makibilly Litter

Litter Born: January 15. 2022.
Ready for new homes: March 12. 2022.
4 black and red males, 2 black males, 2 black and red females, 1 black female available

Coming Soon

VA4 USCA SIEGER Fantos Von Pallas Athene and V1 2014 BSZS SG 29 Pia Vom Welsetal Litter

Litter Due: January 27. 2022.
Ready for new homes: March 26. 2022.

VA4 USCA SIEGER Fantos Von Pallas Athene and SG2 Brava Vom Ragnar IGP1 Litter

Sold Litters

Uno Vom Ragnar and Zika Vom Ragnar Litter

Litter Born: September 24, 2021.
Ready for new homes: November 21, 2021.

SG BSZS Xsiro di Casa Nobili and SG2 ?? Bamby di Casa Raimondo

Litter Born: September 25. 2021.
Ready for new homes: November 22. 2021.

VA4 USCA Fantos Von Pallas Athene and Fabba Vom Ragnar Litter

Litter due: December 3. 2021.
Ready for new homes: January 29. 2022.

VA4 USCA Fantos Von Pallas Athene and V9 USCA Tabba Vom Ragnar Litter

Litter due: December 3. 2021.
Ready for new homes: January 29. 2022.

Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) have an amazing heritage that makes them one of the most sought-after canines on the planet for multiple reasons. GSDs are a versatile and highly intelligent breed capable of mastering complex obedience commands. Their intelligent versatility is just one of many unique factors that put GSDs head and shoulders above most other breeds in the canine world.

The average GSD can grow to a shoulder height as high as 26 inches and are capable of equal parts grace and power. Because of this incredible mixture of intelligence, grace, and strength, they are the favorite breed of security experts from local K-9 police departments to every branch of the military across many different nations.

GSDs are also capable of mastering the highest levels of show dog training making them among the most popular breeds of championship show dog organizations. Many of the world’s most prestigious dog show champions are German Shepherds for obvious reasons. There are plenty of reasons why German Shepherds have long been thought of as canine royalty.

With our extensive breeding experience and programs, your satisfaction with your new German Shepherd pup is Vom Ragnar Kennel’s highest priority. Select your new pup from one of our available litters and make your reservation with us. We’ll keep you informed of your pup’s progress throughout the nursing and weaning season, so you’ll know when you can bring your new family member home.

Can’t find your perfect match with our current litters? No problem. Simply contact us for our future breeding plans and we’ll match you up with your new addition from the next season of purebred German Shepherd puppies. You can contact us at 773-552-0808 or 815-245-0923 or email us at

If you’re looking for a highly trained championship winning show dog, our track record speaks for itself. Our trainers are experts in training show line GSDs using Schutzhund or IPO training standards and techniques. As a result, Vom Ragnar Kennels have produced several award-winning show dogs across many different events across the world including United Schutzhund events like the USCA Sieger Show.

Our trainers can also train your pup for basic obedience, advanced obedience, and protection or security work. Your puppy will learn excellent manners and communication skills that will provide you with many years of a rich, full relationship with your German Shepherd.

Whether you’re looking for a world champion show dog, a protective companion, a working security dog, or a well-behaved member of your family, when you purchase one of our West German Showline German Shepherd puppies, you’re not just getting a dog, you’re getting a Vom Ragnar German Shepherd.

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“M” Litter – Accepting Deposits

Litter Born: October 5, 2019
Ready for new homes: November 23, 2019.
1 male short coat, 1 long coat males available

SIRE: 2x VA1 IPO1 Alexys Vom Damjan Hof

DAM: Gama Vom Fanino

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