Available Puppies

Welcome to Vom Ragnar German Shepherds “Available puppies” page!

If you are interested to know what available puppies we have, please answer on all questions below. By answering questions, that’s the only way to be able to know what available puppies we have. As breeders, we need to know more about you as potential new puppy owner which will help us to do the best puppy match for your family.

Emails send to us like “how much” will not be responded. Before contacting us, please read “Reserving Vom Ragnar puppy” page.

We will be happy to answer on additional questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest in Vom Ragnar puppy!

Contact us answering all questions below!

We are not a public place for the visitors. Our dogs are family members. Our dogs are not for public cuddling. For questions like “I want to see the personality of the dog”, we can assure you that our dogs have the best bloodlines from Germany, and they have good personalities. Our dog have show and working titles. They compete in shows within United States and Europe. They are socialized and friendly. Our dogs can be used for show, breeding, service work, therapy work or as pet companions.

Please do not send us emails about wanting to visit. There are pictures posted of our dogs we own and our kennel. Our dogs have best life on 40 acres of land! Our dogs receive the best care possible, and they are loved!