puppy shipping

Vom Ragnar® Puppies Can Be Shipped Within USA & Worldwide

If you’re wondering, how do I receive my puppy? The answers are easy. You can come to our kennel to pick up your puppy or we can ship your dog to your door safely. Don’t worry! We have been doing business for a while now and we’ve shipped many dogs & puppies to all of our clients from all over the cities in the US and others countries, so we know about your concern. If you are ready to pick up your puppy or simply want more information about the shipping process, please give us a call for fast service or fill out the short form and we will get back with you asap.

Contact Info:

17813 Lincoln Rd, Harvard, IL 60033

773-552-0808 or alternative call

815-245-0923 and 815-451-6835