V2 Abba Vom Ragnar, AD, BH, IPO2, Kkl1

Born: December, 2013

Show result:

2019 GSDCA National and Universal Sieger Show: V4 working class females (SV Frank Goldlust)
2019 AKC, Best of breed. Yorkville, IL
2018 GSDCA Sieger Show, Zion, IL: V6 working class (SV Dirk Gabriel)
2018 USCA North Central Regional Conformation Show: V2 (SV Harald Hohmann)
2017 GSDCA Schutzhund Verein: V2 (Herr Wilhelm Nordsieck)
2017 South Metro Detroit Show: V2 (Christopher Ludwig)
2015 GSDCA Siger Show: SG1 ( SV Albrecht Woerner)
2016 LG- German show: V 11 ( Gunter Schwedes)


Hips: A- Normal
Elbows: A- Normal
DNA: Gepruft
Line breeding: Larus Von Batu (4,5)
Jango Vom Furstenberg (5,5)
Sire: VA1(HR,SER,MK) V18 Tyson Fixfrutta IPO3
Dam: SG1 USA, SG1(GER), V4 Dina Janjius BH, AD, IPO1


V Sieger Dina Janjius, BH, IPO1, Kkl1

Born: July, 20,  2011

Show result:

2016 Chicago Schutzhund Verein: V4
2015 OG-Germany show: SG1 ( SV Hans-Peter Schweimer )


Hips: Fast normal
Elbows: Normal
Sire: SG Cahn Winner Line
Dam: Stela Stella Rossa-Bar

SG1 Contra Vom Ragnar, IPO2

Born: January/01/2017

Show result:

2019 USCA Sieger Show: SG1
2018 GSDCA Sieger Show: SG2 in the strong class females. 18-24 months old
2018 USCA North Central Regional Conformation Show: SG3 18-24 months old
2018 Midwest Regional Championship: SG2 Contra Vom Ragnar. 18-24 months old
2017 Midwest Regional Championship: 9-12 months females-VP1 (out of 9 females in the class, best in class!)
2017 Charlotte, MI: VP3



Sire: Tenno von Bellissimo IPO3
Dam: SG1 Venus Von Stefen Hof IPO1


SG3 USCA 2017 Tabba Vom Ragnar, IPO2

Born: January, 25, 2016

Show result:

2019 GSDCA National and Universal Sieger Show: SG1 and Highest American Bred
2018 USCA North Central Regional Conformation Show: SG1(SV Harald Hohmann)
2017 USCA Sieger Show: SG3 (Richard Brauch)


Sire: 2xVA1 Schumann Von Tronje, IPO2, Kkl1
Dam: 2xSG1 Dina Janjius, IPO1, Kkl1


SG1 Venus Von Stefen Hof, IPO1

Born: July 9, 2015


Sire: V Vito Zum Gigelsfelsen, IPO1, Kkl1
Dam: SG1 Taffy Vom Team Panoniansee, IPO1, Kkl1

SG1 Saly Vom Haus Milesevac

Born: July, 14, 2015

Show result:

2017 Chicago Schutzhund Verein: SG1 (Christopher Ludwig)
2016 USCA Sieger show: VP2 ( SV Dieter Oeser )
2016 Mid east regional show: SG2 ( SV Richard Brauch )


Sire: SG23 BSZS Hasch Vom Neoplatum, IPO1, Kkl1
Dam: Wake Vom Haus Milesevac


SG2 Brava Vom Ragnar

Born: July/20/2017

Show result:

2019 USCA Sieger Show: SG2


Sire: Aragon Geroy, I{O3, Kkl1
Dam: Atsel Hof Delis, IPO1, Kkl1

Fabba Vom Ragnar

Born: January/27/2017

Sire: V1 Enox Vom Leithawald, IPO2, kkl1
Dam: V Dina Janjius, IPo1, Kkl1

SG2 Bonna Vom Ragnar

Born: July/23/2015

Sire: Laban Vom Emkendorfer Park, IPO3, Kkl1
Dam: Dina Janjius, IPO1, Kkl1A

GAMA Vom Fanino

Born: April/1/2017

Sire: Brooklyn Rim Trotter

Dam: Atama Topolovnicka


Zika Vom Ragnar

Born: July/12/2018

Sire: VA1 Margman Yan, IPO1, kkl
Dam: SG1 Saly Vom Haus Milesevac, IPO1


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